Mission Critical TV is an easy to use low-cost waiting room broadcast solution.

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    Mission Critical TV
    Getting Started is easy
    This broadcast solution turns healthcare waiting rooms into a patient engagement asset!

    The time patients spend in your waiting areas is the perfect time to educate and address common questions.

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    Health Insurance Companies
    Reduce Costs
    A growing body of evidence demonstrates patients who are more actively involved in their health care

    experience better health outcomes and incur lower costs.

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    Medical Associations
    Member Benefit
    A branded waiting room broadcast network provides medical association with new member benefits to improve patient retention.
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    Private Practice
    Engage Patients
    A waiting room broadcast channel focused on your speciality can engage patients and improve retention.
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    Healthcare Systems
    Hospital readmission rates have become a new challenge for hospital leadership. Patients and caregiver education is key.
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    National Security
    Critical Personnel
    Law Enforcement and Emergency Management personnel have a requirement for continued education credits.
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    Digital Signs
    Shopping Centers
    Retail shopping centers can control each individual display within their mall for increased monetization and consumer engagement.
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    Retail Ads
    Engage Shoppers on Mall TVs
    Shopping centers can control the ad content on each throughout the mall.

Why Is Patient & Professional Education Important?

The evidence supporting an investment in patient education is wide spread but a positive impact can also be gained by the healthcare provider through improved patient compliance and cost savings.

Patient Activation

“Patient activation” refers to a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage his or her own health and improve health outcomes.

Reduce Costs

A Growing body of evidence demonstrates patients who are more actively involved in their healthcare experience incur lower costs.

Reduce Stress

Broadcasting cable news channels in the waiting room only creates stress. News about politics or terrorism does not help a patient's blood pressure.

Improve Compliance

Patients need to know why medication adherence is important. A compliant patient will have improved outcome and require less intervention.

Engage Patients

The time patients wait to be seen is VALUABLE TIME. Use this time to engage your patients about healthy life choices and disease management.

National Strategy

Associations with a targeted professional and patient population can help support a National Strategy to improve health education.

Why Is Mission Critical TV Important?

Mission Critical TV's new broadcast solution turns healthcare waitingrooms into a patient engagement asset! Patients are open to wellness information when they are not feeling well and the time they spend in your waiting areas should be utilized to the fullest. Mission Critical is a national healthcare education company with more than a decade of experience producing engaging content.


In light of new Federal mandates and reimbursement strategies for Medicare and Medicaid services, the benefits from these evolving [ patient engagement ] solutions are able to provide a fast return on investment.

Advance Healthcare Networks

Patients who have a clear understanding of their after-hospital care instructions are 30 percent less likely to be readmitted or visit the emergency department than patients who lack this information, according to a new study funded by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.

Annals of Internal Medicine

At Mission Hospital, a 750-bed full-service advanced care facility in North Carolina, nurses and staff educators are utilizing a multi-cultural library of educational videos in every area of the hospital. "We're teaching patients about their conditions and how to take better care of themselves,"

Barbara Marsh, Nursing Practice, Education and Research Department

The Team

Mission Critical Health's experienced crew is a mix of TV professionals and industry experts.

Engage Your Professional Audience Anywhere

Almost every professional today has a smart devices with them 18 hours a day. Engage your audience during their busy day with a professional education app.

Clean, responsive and professional video design for professional education!

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Available on these Media Players

Mission Critical TV is available on Roku, Amazon Fire and Google TV streaming media players available on Amazon and most consumer electronic stores. Click on the images below to purchase your player.
If you already own one of these media players all you need to get started is a subscription.

National Strategy

Mission Critical TV's national waiting room channel fully supports the Surgeon General's National Prevention Strategy.
MCTV produces advertising free educational content that communicates and promotes the Surgeon General's disease prevention recomendations. By signing up for MCTV your office will become part of a national initiative to improve patient education and reduced healthcare costs.

See at more www.SurgeonGeneral.gov

Within the National Strategy, MCTV's Priorities are to provide evidenced-based recommendations that are most likely to reduce the burden of the leading causes of preventable death and major illness.

See at more www.SurgeonGeneral.gov

The National Prevention Strategy aims to guide our nation in the most effective and achievable means for improving health and well-being. MCTV will deliver the Strategy prioritizing prevention by integrating recommendations and actions across multiple healthcare settings to improve health and save lives.

See at more www.SurgeonGeneral.gov

Installation is Easy

Your new improved waiting room experience is just a few clicks away.

Installation Notes

Utilize content that supports the Surgeon General's National Strategy and have it running in 3 steps.

Agreement Details

Please review the details to your subscription agreement.

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Learn more about Mission Critical TV and join a national strategy to improve health literacy and patient engagement.